Just-published Book & Brand-new Site

Almost USA Election Day, October, 2020

With great pleasure I present my new holiday children's book, Bill Willy the Wild...Who Isn't a Boy at All!

Also, I present this brand-new web site that combines writing, music, storytelling, and even homesteading.

I trust that you are doing well despite election jitters, pandemic challenges, and holiday shopping concerns. As a remedy to all of that, and to get affordable uplifting holiday gifts in the bargain:

Click "Store" on this website for autographed copies of the new book, and check out the eclectic, positive music of my two award-winning CD albums. As a bonus, if you order multiple copies of an item, there's no additonal shipping charges, and the book/CD combo packages are discounted even more.

The CD album Dusk concludes with the popular holiday song "Santa's Moving South" and the CD album Dedications & Dreams concludes with the spiritual lullaby "Entelechy," so the book and CDs go together well.

Bill Willy the Wild creates a whole new category of children's book, a cross between delightful illustrations (36 pages of them), and the longer format of a story book (74 pages of fun). The book is large (8 1/2 X 11), and there are 4 double-page illustrations. The book is published by Waterside Productions of Cardiff, CA.

Also, this book embraces the old/new wisdom that children benefit greatly when they encounter marvelous vocabulary words sooner rather than later. And these more complex words are carefully woven into the adventure story with numerous contextual clues...and a lot of humor.

So, if you want to fill your home with upbeat, uplifting vibes this holiday season, order copies of Bill Willy the Wild and the two CD albums. Do this for yourself and for anyone on that holiday list, and you'll be glad for it.

May you continue to thrive and grow in challenging times,