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"An outstanding work, done with sensitivity, reality, and an intuitive sense of place and person."
 - Charles Hannah, author of Ashes to the Wind

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An award-winning, inspiring account of one of the most dynamic communal groups in America, written from the points of view of a Georgia couple who travel extensively in search of an ideal setting in which to raise their children. What the Georgia family eventually finds in Southern California (and Sunburst Community) is considerably grander and more idyllic than what it had dared to dream, and the tone of the book is decidedly upbeat, yet never evangelic, even in describing the sincere spiritual values of Sunburst. Through insightful and engaging journal entries, the 350 diverse members of the group are vivified in colorful sketches of daily life within the community. From the collective’s thousands of acres of wilderness land, agricultural crops, arts and crafts, and from its many natural foods businesses (both wholesale and retail) that made Sunburst the largest supplier of organic produce in America, this account distills all into a warm, highly personal reading of the joys and problems of collective living, and it provides an insider’s view of what may well be the most provocative communal group in America today. Autographed copies are available directly from the author.                                    (ISBN 0-932238-16)

(excerpted from Avant Books catalog)

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