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The COLORS Project

 “A Country Strong, A Single Song”

(excerpted from the official press release, September 4, 2002)

Listen to the song:

Colors (LoFi, dial-up)


Colors (HiFi, broadband)

For the first time in music history, and as a message of American unity designed to coincide with the one-year anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, a single song is being released simultaneously in 50 different versions, one version apiece by an artist representing each U.S. state, including Dusk Wilson-Weaver representing Georgia.

“We wanted this project to reflect the vast diversity of the people across this country, and to be a message from Americans … to Americans,” said Christopher Moon, author of “The Colors Project” and a writer/producer with more than 10 million record sales to date.

The song, titled “Colors,” has been arranged, produced, and recorded in different versions by one artist representing each of our fifty states. This multi-artist project has resulted in fifty diverse musical and vocal interpretations of the same lyrics with bands and music styles ranging from Rock, Country, Pop, Folk, and Jazz to Spanish and other ethnic versions.

The chorus of the song “Colors” reads:

"Our colors are many,
They add up to one
These colors might bleed
But these colors won’t run.
© 2002, C. Moon

Moon states, “No one has ever undertaken a project of this type before, due to its complexity. Only the enormous commitment of each artist involved, and his or her passion for this country, has made this project possible. Additionally, every participating artist donated his or her own talent, time, and studio expenses. This was truly a project … by the people … for the people.”

Thousands of recording artists from across the country were auditioned on the Internet over the course of months by Moon, and only ONE artist was selected to represent EACH state. “The Colors Project” selected Dusk Wilson-Weaver to represent Georgia. The version of the song with music written and performed by Dusk is part of a 3-CD Collection of “Colors”.  Dusk's version is available for $2 from the CDs & Book Store page.

No artist was given any kind of music or musical arrangement. All that each received was one identical set of lyrics. They were asked to interpret the lyrics in any way they wished, to produce their own recording, and to submit one version of the finished song. Each artist had approximately 30 days to complete that production, from writing to final recording.

“Over the last month,” says Moon, “versions of ‘Colors’ on CD have been arriving almost daily. Unwrapping and listening to each was like opening Christmas presents intended for a country.” The diversity of creative expression has far exceeded the producer’s expectations.

During the month of August of this year, fifty artists across the country simultaneously wrote and recorded a single message for America … a musical first. But why did so many artists volunteer their talents, time, and expenses to produce a song also performed by so many others? In speaking with the contributing artists, it became clear that there was a very strong desire to collectively and nationally express the message of unity and racial harmony contained in “Colors.”

“I think perhaps there is a greater level of acceptance of different kinds of people in America than we have previously thought. Given the passion of the artists nationwide that hold such beliefs, our future as a nation looks brighter to me since completing this project,” says Moon.

Songwriter and “Colors” creator Christopher Moon is a multi-talented maverick. He is credited with discovering the artist named “Prince” at age 16, and he wrote the young artist’s first hit song in 1978 (“Soft & Wet” - WBS 8619). Moon’s credits also include a song on the 1990 MC Hammer Capitol Records album that sold more than 10 million copies. Mr. Moon also directs his own corporate marketing company whose clients include many top Fortune 500 businesses. Additionally, he co-founded MIA Hunters ( with his father, Bryan Moon, and he serves as an active explorer for this dynamic organization whose discoveries over the last ten years have revealed the locations of 32 American, German and Japanese service personnel formerly listed as Missing In Action. Moon currently lives with his wife and children in Shakopee, Minnesota.

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