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Who’s Fooling Who?

My fuzzy dog I thought I’d kid
So in the woods from him I hid
And hollered out
Here, boy, come here!
Then heard a twig snap to my rear
Why, he’d long since done what I just bid

So who, oh who, oh who….who’s fooling who?

That dog I love and love to tease
I still slip and hide among the trees
But the moment I yell so he’ll seek me out
He barks behind me in turnabout
Then he acts perplexed and paws at my knees

So who, oh who, oh who….who’s fooling who?

My fuzzy dog I’ll always tease
As sure as Heaven has got no fleas
And just as sure as that’s the case
I’ll pray to find one blessed place
To hide before he finds me, please

So who, oh who, oh who….who’s fooling who?

If you want to kid your own dog, too
And hide from him, but leave no clue
Then take the following wise advice
Check ‘round behind you more than twice
‘Cause pooches and shadows stick like glue

So who, oh who, oh who….who’s fooling who?

Aw, won’t somebody tell me
Who’s fooling who here?
(Whistle) Where’d you go, boy?
Aw, right behind me as usual, ha! ha!
Well, ah, one more time...

Dusk:  Vocal
DeDe Vogt:  Electric Bass Guitar, Acoustic Guitar
Linda Bolley:  Drums
Jonathan Hibbert:  Saxophone
Mark Van Allen:  Electric Guitar

Inspired by, and dedicated to, that loveable shadow sometimes known as The Master of Disaster.

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