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She Doo Voodoo

Nothing to say…no good’ll do
Although you knew she threw that
Voodoo at you

You look at me…I look back you
We’re two of a kind ‘cause
What we’ve been put through

You know that woman got the charm
Those open arms done so much harm
And sold the farm on you and me

In your whole world…in my whole life
Ain’t nothing close to mis’ry from that
Devil’s wife

You know that woman used her charm
Those open arms brought so much harm
And sold the farm - won’t let us be

You say to me…I ‘gree with you
We gonna quit this woman and her
Voodoo, too

Your know that woman lost her charm
Those open arms ain’t gonna harm
Sell no more farms on you and me

Ha, ha, ha, ha… oh no!

I say, One day older, and wiser
C’mon step it on down
Get away from this gal

Dusk:  Vocal
DeDe Vogt:  Electric Bass Guitar
Linda Bolley:  Drums
Mark Van Allen:  Dobro, Electric Guitar

This one’s from the deeper recesses of the subconscious.  And I ask you: when you spin this track on the CD, do DeDe, Linda and Mark nail it down, or what?

Shepherd in Shades

(Introductory scene is narrated, with natural ambient sounds of the seashore in background:)

This is my tribute to a fine Australian Shepherd mascot
Of a seaside ranch in Southern California
Where I was lucky enough to live for some five years
And where I was also lucky enough to know and love
This special dog named Osceola

Another name by which she was known was Aussie
But by any name
She was always the very picture of composure
An insouciant beachcomber with verve and élan
A canine version of Rita Hayworth if you will

So, although I never actually saw Osceola wearing designer sunglasses
I could and did imagine upon her face in the following scene:

In a gondola
Off Pensacola
Samples a bowl o’
shrimp in canola

She digs smooth viola
And Davies’
Ah-ah-ah-ah-on her
Motorola Victrola

Instrumental break

In her gondola
Sips RC Cola
Snacks on Gorgonzola
And waves to us

So now I’ve told ya
What ya need to know ya
’Bout Osceola
And though I gotta go ya

Now you can also love and cherish


Dusk:  Vocal
DeDe Vogt:  Electric Bass Guitar
Mauricio Amaya:  Charango, Quiero, Claves, Bombo, Udu, Bongos, Shaker, Classical Guitar

Is she not elegance personified  -  er, uh, poochified?

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