Santa's Moving South


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Santa’s Moving South

(Spoken introduction:)

Last night after putting up some Christmas decorations
I settled into my reading chair
With the latest issue of a favorite science magazine
Planning to lull myself off to sleep
But there – on page 14 –
I read with keen interest and growing wonder
That the Earth’s magnetic north pole is, quote:
Steadily migrating to the south, end quote
Well, like a child on Christmas Eve
I hardly slept at all, thinking:

Mr. & Mrs. Claus have decided what to do
Rather than live at that old cold pole
They’ll follow it down to you
Missus Claus she is a-packing
All the Elves are toys a-stacking
And reindeer antlers clacking
With the joyful news for all

Oh, Santa’s moving south, Atlanta here comes Santa
Welcome Mr. & Mrs. Claus to the city of Atlanta
They’re heading down to join us
Oh, bless us, hush our mouths
Oh, Atlanta here comes Santa, Santa’s moving South

Well, the folks at Coke headquarters
Are aglow with the Christmas season
And when St. Nick arrives down here
They’ll glow for another reason
They won’t have to run polar ad campaigns
They’ll save those mountains of cash
They’ve had to pay a fleet of garbage trucks
To pick up Santa’s workshop trash
And the telephone bill, the heating tab
And the longjohn budget for the elves
Will be a drop in the bucket in our sunny, sunny South
To what it took to load his workshop shelves


He’ll hand out southern hospitality
And he’ll get himself a tan
He’ll groove to Southern rock records
Like the Allman Brothers Band
And though he missed the Olympics
And the Braves' last pennant race
He’ll fill in for all that fun he missed
By puttin’ Ray-Bans on his face
Then cruising down on Peachtree
In his bright red Chevro-sleigh
Whipping into The Varsity
Jingle all the way


But there’s just one snag, one big snafu
In this otherwise fabulous news
At the rate dear Santa’s coming
Eternity’s coming, too
You see, that pole’s ashifting
Like I said before, it’s true
But at the rate that pole’s ashifting
He won’t get here till ‘bout the year 50 million & 2

But, hey, Merry Christmas and chin up, smile
Santa’ll be here in a while… yep


Ho! Ho! Ho!


Dusk:  Lead Vocal, Chorus Vocals, Sleigh Bells
DeDe Vogt:  Electric Bass Guitar
Linda Bolley:  Drums
Johnny Mosier:  Acoustic Guitar
Lee Davis:  Electric Piano
Elise Witt, Melanie Hammett, Berne Poliakoff:  Chorus Vocals 

Ho, Ho, Ho to you all, whatever month it may be.

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