You Make Me Pleased


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You Make Me Pleased

She says:
ďDusk, you ainít clumsy
Just a trifle spasticated
You ainít ragged
Just a bit rough around the edge
And you ainít second rate
Only sometimes underrated
Dusk, youíre no Tarzan ape
Ya just need re-educated

ďSo Iíll clue you in, babe
And Iíll tell it straight
Iíll show you what I want I need
Cause when it comes to loviní me
Youíre more than equal to the task
And you sure do make me pleasedĒ

Now thatís what my woman says to me
Means so much
And this is what I say to her in returnÖ

I tell her:
ďYouíre not Greek sorority
But youíre my Alpha and Omega
Ya canít outcook Betty Crocker
But you bake my sweet potato
Ya donít launch no thousand ships
But you sail me south Jamaica
Wonít win Olympic gold
But you won my heart to stay, girlĒ


And this is our song togetherÖ

ďWe ainít got much sweet
But what we got shoí nuff is ours
We donít claim a chunk oí Wall Street
But we got the bees aní flowers
If someday we land a Lincoln
Or move to Don Trumpís towers
Well, thatís icing for our cake
But what we got right now is oursĒ


Dusk:  Lead Vocal
DeDe:  Electric Bass Guitar
Linda Bolley:  Drums
Johnny Mosier:  Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar
Libby Eason:  Harmony Vocal

Itís important to be on solid ground as an individual, yes, then itís grander yet to share the view with another.

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