Just click on any of the underlined songs to view its lyric page.  Each lyric page also includes: a listing of the musicians who play on the CD recording, Dusk's comments on that particular song, and on certain songs, the photos that accompany the song in the album's actual 16-page CD booklet.  Enjoy! 

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  1. To the Arbor!

  2. We Spat Grape Hulls on the Hole (by that old arbor pole)

  3. Billy the Bum

  4. God is a Verb

  5. Truckloads of Venomous Snakes

  6. She Doo Voodoo

  7. Shepherd in Shades

  8. Who's Fooling Who?

  9. What's in a Name?

  10. You Make Me Pleased

  11. Leslie

  12. Santa's Moving South

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