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Visitors using phone line/modem connections to the Internet should click the Lo buttons below for 24kbs playback.

     (On most systems, this "Lo-Fi" sound will be quite poor compared to the rich, lifelike CD recording.)

Those using DSL, satellite, wireless connections that operate at high speed should be able to use Hi buttons at 128kps.

     (These "Hi-Fi" connections usually give a good approximation of the excellent music on the CD itself.)

Please also go to the Debut CD Samples page to enjoy music samples there as well.

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 dedications & dreams


   Lo     When Winter Storms     Hi

   Lo     Quicksilver Daydreams     Hi

   Lo     Coming Back to You     Hi

            Sunlight of Your Smile

             Sleep with Her


   Lo     Alltel Sucks!     Hi

   Lo     Day Done Done     Hi

   Lo     Good Biscuit, Bad Biscuit     Hi

            Christopher's Raga

   Lo     Indian Wars     Hi

   Lo     Entelechy     Hi

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