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the inspirations

A heartfelt bow to all those who carry on day-to-day making this world a better place, offering love and kindness to others, with no agenda save that of increasing the number of our collective smiles.

Greetings to my several extended families from Thornwell Home and School for Children in upstate SC, Sunburst Community of southern CA, and Golden Hill Community in the Appalachians of northeast GA where, altogether, I have lived in supportive fellowship for 32 years.

Among my Thornwell family, I hail Michael Thomas, James Little, and Connie Pruitt Goan for their lifelong support of meaningful music, and for their encouragement of my efforts to create such music.

A salute to my brothers nationwide of America’s oldest fraternal organization of music, FMA, and especially to those of GH Chapter at Furman University.

My thanks to musicians Kate Bennett, Charlene Proczka, and Christopher Donnelly who “compose” an important part of my life-changing Sunburst experience.

My gratitude to all of the faithful patrons of Golden Hill Concert Series, and of course, to my beloved neighbors within Golden Hill itself.

I draw great personal and musical inspiration from the incomparable singer/songwriter Mickey Newbury, from the life and times of my late friend Henry Maddox, and 

from my loving and supportive co-writer and wife Leslie Elizabeth.

This CD would not yet have been recorded without the generous help of certain touring troubadours who sing for the sake of the song: Steven Hicks, Don Porterfield, Johnsmith, Mike West, Michael Watson, and Libby Eason.

From the rich musical and comedic influences of a lifetime, I alphabetize a dozen special to me: Victor Borge, Bruce Cockburn, Bill Cosby, The Firesign Theatre, Janis Ian, Kris Kristofferson, Mickey Newbury, John Prine, Gamble Rogers, Billy Joe Shaver, Red Skelton, and Townes Van Zandt.

No such list would be fit without mention of my best friend and fellow music fanatic, that Vegetarian Cajun from Lafayette, Dr. Phil Ducoté.

And I thank you for expressing interest in my music. I trust that you are much entertained by these songs.

the end

Which means: Please set this booklet aside…play the CD (again?) at generous volume…and smile to yourself while dancing with abandon.

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