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If you connect to the Internet via a phone line and modem (if it is "as slow as Christmas" like some of ours), you'll do best to click the Lo symbols on the left of each song title below.  Sound quality will be nothing like that of the well-recorded CD, of course, but it will help prevent a bunch of jerks and stops in the music... a necessary compromise with modem hookups. 

However, if you have DSL, satellite, wireless, or other high-speed Internet connection, then thank your lucky stars, and click on the Hi symbols to the right of the song titles.  Sound quality should be good enough to represent the CD's even higher quality, and the songs should also play smoothly.

If you have difficulty getting songs to play at all, ask a knowledgeable friend about it.  Most such problems are very simple to solve right on the spot.  Here's wishing you happy listening... 

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            To the Arbor!

   Lo     We Spat Grape Hulls     Hi

            Billy the Bum

   Lo     God is a Verb     Hi

   Lo     Truckloads of...     Hi

   Lo     She Doo Voodoo     Hi

   Lo     Shepherd in Shades     Hi

   Lo     Who's Fooling Who?     Hi

            What's in a Name?

   Lo     You Make Me Pleased     Hi


   Lo     Santa's Moving South     Hi

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