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"I am soo-o impressed, not only by (Dusk’s) wonderful singing voice, but also by the music, the words, the group of musicians, the photos, and the entire CD package!!!"
 - Pat Barton, St. Augustine, FL

"Wonderful album!  Can’t wait ‘til I can tell people, 'I knew him when…'"
 - Jim Little, Gaston, SC

"CD is great!  Love the “Santa” song!"
 - Bobbie Robertson, Prescott, AZ

"One fine, home cooked, Spring hatched masterpiece of a recording…love it!"
 - Boyd Nyberg, Alta Loma, CA

"My favorite songs, without a doubt, are 'She Doo Voodoo' and 'Who’s Fooling Who?'"
 - Vernon Chapman, Windsor, CO

"My young daughter, Abigail, came into my office this evening saying, 'Daddy, I like this; it’s one of my favorites.'  The song playing?  'God Is a Verb.'"
 - Brian Highley, York, England

"Well done and well recorded.  Believe it or not – and it may be showing my relative lack of exposure to contemporary popular music – this the first CD (hopefully not the last) that I ever bought which starts out with a father an’ son seed spittin’ contest.  A very nice touch."
 - Rick Knowlton, Idyllwild, CA

"Absolutely wonderful.  I love the lyrics…such a great voice."
 - Judy D. Jones, Eureka, MO

"I am highly impressed…a great voice for country music."
 - Gus Folk, Easley, SC

"Great tunes!!  All this has me wanting to learn slide guitar, autoharp, and some playing in alternate tunings."
 - Murrel Tyson, Statham, GA

"Congratulations on the wonderful job…it sounds fabulous…the musician are great…voice wonderful!"
 - Kate Bennett, recording artist, Santa Barbara, CA

"I really enjoyed Dusk’s disc – especially his cover of 'Billy the Bum.'"
 - Mark, aka Uncle Gram, DJ on WUSC, Columbia, SC

"And you know, these minor complications that have been occurring in my life of late, well now I just refer to ‘em as a 'Truckload of Venomous Snakes.'”
 - Randy Dodds, San Antonio, TX

"CD is great!!!  A wonderful voice, and I UNDERSTAND everything…which is especially nice.  Entertaining lyrics, and just a 'lay back, relax, and enjoy piece of work.'  It’s just the best!  My favorite song… 'Leslie.'  Truly beautiful."
 - Sharon K. Mayeux, Melbourne, Australia

"I listened to some cuts from your new CD.  Great stuff.  I really love your 'rich,' 'thick' voice."
 - Harry Lester, recording artist, Marietta, GA

"CD sounds great.  It’s rare to find an independent release that nails all the little details of co-ordinating all those guest stars…lyrics are so unique that I’ll have to listen a few times and study them…your voice sounds too good for John Prine songs."
 - Steve Robertson, publisher “Fiddlin’ Around” magazine, Grantville, GA

"Everything sounds great, from the soft crystalline blend of the acoustic instruments on 'Leslie' and 'We Spat Grape Hulls' to the insane electric wildness of 'She Doo Voodoo' to the happy, somewhat maniacal accordion on 'Truckloads of Venomous Snakes.'  I just love the almost surreal combination of rock and roll wildness and absolute fun in 'Who’s Fooling Who?'  It is total fun…yet the whole situation is a subtle metaphor for a fairly deep point about how we fool ourselves in this life.  All in all, A very impressive production, and a delight to listen to."
 - Clark Dollard, Greeley, CO

"I opened it up and read the titles and laughed, 'This is going to be great already!!!'  I put it in and smiled a big grin and yelled, 'He Haw!!!'  Great CD!!"
 - Adam Purvif, Montgomery, AL

"An amazing writer.  I hear new things each time I hear that song (God Is a Verb), 'till you wonder where UP went, and where it has gone with your girl'…funny!  And I caught Yvonne singing along the last time I played it."
 - Jeff Stave, Sandy, OR

"This is some of the most fun and entertaining music I’ve heard in a long time.  Dusk is a very good storyteller…witty and comes up with the unexpected as part of his regular fare.  I feel like I’m having a little party in the car as I ride around listening."
 - Libby Eason, recording artist, Lawrenceville, GA

"I love your new CD!!!  Connie MADE me listen to it the other nite, and now I’m hooked!"
 - Betsy Browning, Atlanta, GA

"It has been a long time since I have heard anything as original as this.  Several songs…are right up there with the very best."
 - Stan Mack, Oakwood, GA

"The CD is great, the sound quality is outstanding."
 - Chan Caudell, Cornelia, GA

"The recordings are superb and have been known to cause ear-to-ear grinning and spontaneous outbursts of mirth…incredible voice captured faithfully on a quality recording with a variety of songs and styles."
 - Christopher Donnelly, Sundisc Recording Studio, Flagstaff, AZ

"The CD is here and it is a remarkable piece of work.  And it does sound great on my rig.  Congratulations to all concerned with the project."
 - Phil Ducoté, Hickory Audio Labs, Lawrenceville, GA

"A wonderful voice and presentation.  Who would ever have thought that a 'Huck Finn' look-alike would turn out to be such a wonderful writer, songwriter, singer, and entertainer?"
 - Donny Wilder, SC House of Representatives, Columbia, SC

"We’ve never heard anything so funny as the yellow jacket song."
 - Anne Perkins, Austin, TX

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