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the players

From the band Cowboy Envy:

DeDe Vogt  -  Electric bass guitar, Mandolin, Harmonica
Berne “Frenchie” Poliakoff  -  Harmony Vocals

From the band Blueground Undergrass:

Mark Van Allen  -  Dobro, Steel Pedal Guitar, Electric Guitar
Johnny Mosier  -  Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar

From the band Gentle Readers:

Linda Bolley  - Drums

From the band Vientos del Pueblo:

Mauricio Amaya  -  Charango, Quiero, Claves, Bombo, Udu, Bongos, Shaker, Classical Guitar

From the band Deluxe Vaudeville Orchestra:

Rodger French  - Accordion

Featuring Solo Recording Artists:

Elise Witt  -  Chorus Vocals
Melanie Hammett  -  Chorus Vocals
Libby Eason  -  Harmony Vocals

Presenting Studio Musicians:

L.A. Tuten  - Tuba
Jonathan Hibbert  -  Saxophone
Lee Davis  -  Electric Piano

Introducing the talented eleven-year-old:

Taylor Mack  -  As the artist’s son in Opening Re-enactment

And that wild-eyed fellow himself: Dusk Wilson-Weaver  - Lead Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Chorus Vocals, Sleigh Bells, General Credit (for the touching sincerity evident in this production), General Culpability (for the laughable lunacy taken to new limits herewith)

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