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the artisans

Produced by DeDe Vogt

Recorded at Sound and Fury Studios, Atlanta, GA  (404) 296-1688

Engineered and Mixed by DeDe Vogt and Dusk Wilson-Weaver

Mastered at Southern Living Studio by Alex Lowe  (404) 352-3204

Graphic Direction and Design by Leslie Hodges  (404) 378-6985

Photography by Silvan Erb-Summers; Michael Wood; Leslie E. Wilson-Weaver; Stuart Safier; Dusk Wilson-Weaver; Anne Parham; and Larry Erb

All Songs (Lyrics and Arrangements) © Dusk Wilson-Weaver (BMI), © & ® Phi Acoustics Music (BMI), except Billy the Bum  © John Prine, © & ® Cotillion (BMI).

I humbly declare that, without the skilled input of all players and artisans who join me here, this album would not exist. It moves me that so many of them worked above and beyond to bring it about, particularly considering that we were still in the recording phase on September 11, 2001.

It is my earnest hope that music-loving people of every land, of every background, will not be dissuaded by the darkness of that day from sharing love, laughter, light, and the lilt of song, for all of these are needed now as much as ever.

A special thanks to DeDe Vogt who gets my vote as an ideal combination of producer, player, and person.

the recording

This project was proudly recorded on classic analogue equipment, employing high-grade reel-to-reel tape and a Neumann TLM 170 vocal microphone, in order to more effectively capture the warmth of the performances. Also, songs #3, 9 & 11 were recorded live in the studio to highlight personality and authenticity in the material, and the song What’s In a Name? is a natural, first take…beauty, blemishes, all.

The digital glass master likewise received special care. It was cut direct-to-glass at 1X single speed (speeds of 3X and 4X are typical) to deliver the highest quality sound and musical nuance to your copy.

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