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An intelligent, eclectic parade of Maverick Country, Drivin’ Cajun, Rockabilly, Theatre Rock, Hilarious Novelty, Latina Groove, and Walking/Talking Blues, featuring strong, clear vocals, well-crafted lyrics, wry humor, and fourteen fine guest artists.

The album combines elements of drama, song, and natural effects into an entertaining romp of the senses, beginning with a dramatic re-enactment of a late summer grape harvest at the family homestead and concluding with the rousing good-news song “Santa’s Moving South” (which is distinctly reminiscent of Ray Stevens’ best work).

Songwriters Hall of Fame artist Mickey Newbury compares Dusk’s singing voice to that of Bob Shane of the Kingston Trio, and Dusk adds to this his skills as an award-winning author in penning highly imaginative and delightful lyrics.  Bathos abounds, as when Dusk first delivers the lofty “God Is a Verb” then the outrageous “Truckloads of Venomous Snakes,” or when he glides headlong from his Shakespeare-influenced treatise of having been raised in an orphanage “What’s In a Name” to the streetwise, plainspoken passion of “You Make Me Pleased.”

The album was exceptionally well recorded, using classic analogue equipment to give warm expression and fullness to the many acoustic instruments, and this – in combination with the rich variety of musical styles and consistently clear vocals – gives the listener an almost palpable sense of “being there.”

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the CD
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The Recipe for dusk:

Take equal and generous portions of keen insight, positive attitude, and good-natured humor.

Blend in a dozen varied musical styles, all highly listenable and melodic.

Combine with real-life stories of a songwriter who is comfortable being personal, like an old friend, and who is an award-winning author with an offbeat, uncanny command of language and lyric timing.

Add strong, clear lead vocals that Songwriting Hall of Fame artist Mickey Newbury compares to the singing voice of Bob Shane (Kingston Trio).

Fold in fourteen outstanding guest artists, cradling everything from Pedal Steel Guitar to Charango, Saxophone to Dobro, Tuba to Accordion, and a dozen more well-chosen instruments from song to song.

Mix in well-timed outdoor sounds and lyrical foreshadowing that enhance the cohesiveness that is loved in theme albums.

Bake to golden perfection in a highly-regarded studio, employing classic analogue equipment that captures the warmth and personality of the performances.

Arrange on a platter of thought-provoking fun, splendid dynamics, and refreshing shifts in tempo and accompaniment.

Garnish this platter with a handsome 16-page CD booklet containing all song lyrics, many engaging photographs, background notes, and artist bio.

Presto!  You're ready to serve up the delightful music of the CD dusk.




Imagine, if you can, a songwriter's campout with Weird Al Yankovic, Ray Stevens, Kris Kristofferson, Jeff Foxworthy, John Prine, and the late Townes Van Zandt and Victor Borge....then imagine that The Mavericks and/or George Thorogood & The Destroyers accompany them on songs written at the campout....and you are on the right track.

But dusk is more varied than that.

For example, the song "God Is a Verb" gets out of the gate with a 100% Outlaw Country intro (a Merle-Haggard-knows-exactly-where-he's-going section), but then it shifts directly into contagious, foot-tapping Western Swing upon reaching the chorus. The song is a favorite of early reviewers.

"Shepherd in Shades" takes off with a bit of Western-style yarn spinning, then promptly spins itself off into a lively and lovely South-of-the-Border number that spotlights El Salvadoran sideman Mauricio Amaya on handcrafted Charango, Bombo, Udu, Claves, Guiro, and Classical Guitar.

And, as for "Truckloads of Venomous Snakes," you have not lived fully until you have heard all the entangled glories of this Off-Broadway Oompah that becomes an Off-the-Wall Waltz in a single bound.

Speaking of Off-Broadway, the CD dusk has several other theatrical features in addition to the aforementioned "outdoor sounds and lyrical foreshadowing." The CD booklet is laid out in the style of a Theatre Program with headings "The Artist," "The Players," "The Performance," etc. And, the first track on the CD "To the Arbor!" is a dramatic re-enactment that sets the stage for the true-to-life song on track #2, then segues into it.

So, dusk is far more than a random collection of songs, one following another. It is a visit into the world of a personable artist who gives of himself, and who has prepared well for your sojourn by laying out all you will need for your heart and soul in a flowing, unified journey of thoughtful discovery and fun that is best enjoyed from start to finish.

But, at some point, all description and vicarious experience should ultimately give way to the real thing. The only way to take in this decidedly offbeat, but reassuringly upbeat album journey is to send for your own copy, then to enjoy it through and through.

A recommendation: Because the CD was recorded, mixed, and mastered for optimum sound quality, and because its varied music and involved lyrics deserve undivided attention, it is suggested that you listen using headphones, or seated before a stereo component system. Of course, it will be enjoyable on any boombox, even one located in a neighboring room, but why not maximize your delight?

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