Newest CD Album: "Dedications & Dreams"

Twenty talented artists, including Rich Neville of POCO and Kelvin Bizahaloni of BURNING SKY, join Dusk to create another broad mix of 12 songs that include a wide range of instruments (sitar, Hammond B3 organ, clarinet, bodhran, "synth" guitar, autoharp), as well as outstanding cover songs saluting Townes Van Zandt and Bruce Cockburn.

Reviews of Dusk's Music

From every region of America - even from distant countries - here are insights and views on Dusk's recordings.

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Welcome to the upbeat world of eclectic recording artist Dusk, whose fine "Americana" music and writing garner repeat airplay, awards, and reviews on the continents of North America, Europe and Australia.


People in many cultures believe that at the time of day known as "dusk" we can briefly peer into the spiritual realm while still maintaining a grasp on everyday consciousness. The artist Dusk does just that by way of his twilight time observations in lyric and prose. With grins and goodwill, he lays out the worlds of the mundane and the majestic, side by side.

Part philosopher-poet, part mischievous chameleon, Dusk wryly but compassionately observes the saint and sinner in us all, and he celebrates our duality through music that reviewers often say "defies simple categorization."

Dusk - and those of us who built this site - hope that you find far more here than a mere "store" selling Dusk's books and CDs. Relax, stay a while, and leave a note if you wish.


The term Americana applies well to Dusk's music, even though his music isn't limited to any one traditional American category such as Folk, Bluegrass, Country, Rockabilly, Blues, Gospel, or Jazz. Indeed, Dusk respectfully blends flavors of multiple genres into various of his songs, then he might spice up a particular one with dashes of Bordertown Samba, Cajun, Native American, Vaudeville, Southern Rock, Broadway, Country-Western, or who-knows-what?

So, Dusk keeps it fresh, pleasantly surprising his audience with a musical fiesta at every turn, and fans love him for this in particular. He is as likely to launch into a delightfully outrageous story song (reminiscent of Ray Stevens) as he is to deliver an insightful snapshot of American life (ala Townes Van Zandt and John Prine) or to cast headlong into the driving beat of a Workingman's anthem (calling to mind George Thorogood & The Destroyers).

Dusk's art stirs together the humbly humorous with the high brow, the commonplace with the cosmic, to make one-then-another of his delightful musical stews. And, within his songs, he incorporates various theatrical elements, storytelling, and/or natural outdoor sounds to enhance the already culturally diverse compositions.

Also, Dusk's recordings feature dozens of outstanding backup musicians, including members of the renowned bands POCO and BURNING SKY. There are inspired performances on an array of instruments one might expect to hear (guitar, drums, electric bass, keyboards, sax, mandolin, accordion, trumpet, pedal steel, harmonica, violin), and on some much-less-expected ones, too (Navajo flute, charango, tuba, sitar, zither, guiro, bodhran, euphonium, udu, Dobro, clarinet, bombo, sleigh bells, bongos, and more).

In a few words: Dusk's music is unique, toe-tapping, thought-provoking fun.


In addition to the three CD releases of Dusk's music available at this site, five of his songs have been included on six separate compilation/tribute CD albums to date, ten of his songs have been played in rotation on Hervé Oudet's Americana in Paris, and the popular track "Santa's Moving South" (from his debut album) was lead song for "Best of: Americana in Paris," which included recent releases by artists Guy Clark and Bob Dylan.

Dusk's debut CD was Featured Album of the Week for Nashville subscription radio Sisyphus Tracks, and his newest CD entitled "Dedications & Dreams" has also been added to their programming list. The late Songwriting Hall of Fame artist Mickey Newbury praised Dusk's singing voice as being similar to, but finer yet than, that of Newbury's lifelong friend Bob Shane, who founded The Kingston Trio and sang lead on many of that group's chart-topping hits.

Dusk's lyrics are also outstanding, like his award-winning prose: His nationally reviewed book Sunburst was selected Best Non-Fiction at the prestigious Santa Barbara Writers Conference, and the book earned hearty praise from many best-selling authors including John Leggett, Barnaby Conrad, and William Styron. What is more, Dusk wrote a weekly feature series (from the road as he explored America) that ran for two years in what was then the nation's fastest growing daily newspaper, The Gwinnett Daily News.

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